Alzheimer & Dementia Care

Alzheimer & Dementia Care Philosophy

Alzheimer & Dementia Care
Elderly Solutions Inc., is devoted to providing a safe and secure environment in a home-setting for Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory related disorders. Elderly Solutions Inc. fosters the resident’s individual skills and interests in an environment that helps to diminish confusion and agitation. We build on personal strengths of each individual by stimulating their senses and past experiences.

We provide each caregiver with extensive training and support through classroom and on-the-job guidance from experts in the field, including the Alzheimer’s Association and local medical professionals.

Elderly Solutions Inc. offers a physical environment conclusive to the disease process in that we enhance the positive effects of a small environment in a structured routine with simplicity. Our Activity Program promotes reality orientation classes, pet therapy, and therapeutic humor. The activities are reinforced weekly to build a habit and repetition of security. Programs that are incorporated are to enhance one’s memory, and to promote a quality of life.

Our facility prides itself on not charging an additional fee for the 24-Hour access to care, including assistance with activities of daily living, such as eating, grooming, and toileting. Fifty percent of those 85 and older are victims of Alzheimer’s Disease, and Elderly Solutions Inc. wants to raise the standards of care by not increasing one’s rate for a disease that effects so many.